The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation

The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation

September always seems like a good time to take stock of what we have managed to accomplish and where we want to in the future. I had always wanted to host a hangar party fundraiser. So the board took the leap of faith with me and we held our hangar party in NC, the first in flight state. Much of the end of last year and the beginning of this year was spent making relationships outside our comfort zone of NJ. And although we are based in NJ, as a national organization, we felt revitalized being able to introduce a whole new group of people to the Foundation. We have a solid volunteer base in North Carolina now, and we plan to find ways to partner with aviation projects and initiatives already in place.

We also have been growing, with more people becoming familiar with our programs. We have received offers from volunteers in areas where we are not as strong, such as marketing and social media, and are very much looking toward working with them! Our team has grown with our success; we now have the first of our scholarship recipients being wonderful mentors to those who are coming behind us.

Our friends in aviation, general, commercial and military have all been supportive of our efforts. And of course, our board of directors who don't take a paycheck, but have the integrity, the commitment and the enthusiasm for the foundation's goals, than some may ever have in their careers. If you doubt that, check out the photos from our last fundraiser. These are people who have bonded over their love of aviation.

When I started the LeRoy W. Homer Foundation, I didn't want his name or his memory to be forgotten. And 14 years later, it hasn't been. Some may still not know it, but that's okay, we're not going anywhere.

Thank you to our donors - monetary, in-kind, attendees of our fundraisers, purchasers of my book "From Where I Stand", the media who help promote us, as well as our friends on social media. Everything you have done has got us this far. I have a feeling this next year will be a big one for us. So keep supporting us, checking us out here or on Facebook. It's going to be great!

Kind regards,

Melodie Homer